“Österreichischer Bundesverlag” launches new QuickMedia app in cooperation with ProcSet

Österreichischer Bundesverlag (ÖBV) – one of Austria’s largest education providers was founded as a textbook publisher by Maria Theresia as early as 1772 and has been part of the Stuttgart-based Klett Group since 2007. The development of teaching and learning materials for all types of schools – printed and digital – is the focus of the company.

With the newly released öbv QuickMedia App, which was developed in cooperation with ProcSet Media Solutions GmbH, ÖBV is adding another innovative product to its digital offering.

The app is offered as a free supplement to selected textbooks, with the help of which one has all audios and videos at a glance. The branding of the öbv QuickMedia app was based on the PAPER.plus app from ProcSet. In addition, there were further extensive requirements on the part of the publishing house for the app, which were implemented within a very short time in successful cooperation with ProcSet.

The result is an intuitive app that provides all media for the individual textbooks. All you have to do is scan the cover of a book or select it from the catalog. The media list that is then available for selection shows the user all the audios and videos contained in this book – sorted by page number. From here, the media can be selected and played directly or downloaded using the download function. As an alternative to selecting via the media list, the individual pages of the textbook can also simply be scanned with the app and the user is taken directly to the corresponding media assigned to the individual pages.

The öbv QuickMedia app is now available free of charge in the AppStore as well as in the GooglePlay Store and is compatible with all common smartphones and tablets.