Augmented Reality Solution for Print

Augmented Reality Solution for Print links your print media with the digital world. Whether newspapers, magazines, catalogues or flyers, with the app you can add a new level of interactivity to printing and print.
Extend your products with multimedia content and get new possibilities in the areas of marketing, eCommerce, and publishing.


The Content Management System offers the possibility to easily add digital content to print products.
Manage your motifs in campaigns and control the runtime and activiation of your augmentations fexibly and automatically.
The integrated editor enables you to augment your print editions directly in the browser in a user-friendly and fast way. With a few clicks you can add videos, animations, music and a wide range of interactive buttons to your print media.


The backend operates fully in the cloud, which obviates the need for software installation.


Via the browser-based composer, motifs can easily be enhanced with AR content.


Motifs in PDF or image format can easily be imported into the composer using drag&drop.


Via Themes, the appearance of the app or individual motifs can easily be adapted.


In order to reduce manual effort to a minimum, external systems can be connected via an API.


Interesting data protection compliant information can be obtained via app data evaluation.

AR examples with

Online enhancement of printed articles

Online enhancement of printed articles

Printed articles can be enhanced with videos, picture galleries and links to further online content. This provides additional access to the online presence of the publication.
It is now also possible to easily update printed information.
Print advertising in a new dimension

Print advertising in a new dimension

Advertisers offer their target group interesting supplementary information such as 360° images, videos and product information.
A large number of communication buttons, for example, e-mail, SMS and directions, allow fast and convenient contact.
Augmented Reality Shopping

Augmented Reality Shopping

High-quality printed material has an unbeatable advertising effect due to the appealing presentation of product information and pleasant look and feel.
With, a simple scan provides access to an additional digital dimension and a direct link to the online shop.

Printed Videos

With, printed photos are transformed into live videos.
Once the photo on the printed page is scanned, a video is superimposed over the smartphone or tablet camera image.
This Augmented Reality Technology can be used for any print products such as magazines, flyers, postcards and product descriptions.

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