Augmented Reality: A relevant topic at the “DCX Digital Content Expo”

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are topics that are constantly present in the media industry.
This was also reflected in this year’s DCX Digital Content Expo, where there were a number of presentations on the subject this year.

In practice, concrete solutions for newspaper and magazine publishers can only be found sporadically, as there are very special requirements in this industry. An Augmented Reality solution that is suitable for daily production must be implemented in such a way that the enrichment of the scannable articles or ad motifs is possible in just a few steps directly in the editorial department or in ad production.
Otherwise there are the usual showstopper arguments like “too much effort, too expensive!”.

Our solution is tailored precisely to these requirements.
Through years of experience and numerous projects in the field of publishing production, we have the best knowledge of what is important in this industry.
In order to enrich a printed product with Augmented Reality, all you need to do is to activate an account in the cloud-based CMS, which is then available in the app as a publisher-owned provider channel. Using an editor, the so-called “Composer”, articles or ad motifs in PDF format can then easily be created by drag-and-drop and complemented with digital content. After a few simple steps, the processed images and motifs will be available on the newspaper page with the new AR-functionalities.