Printed videos thanks to intelligent image recognition

The topic “printed videos” is very up to date. In particular, Apple’s “ARKit2” gives him more drive. On Twitter there are numerous examples to see how pictures in magazines suddenly come to life. While users feel that this is something new and comment on “so cool” and “just like Harry Potter”, the technology has been around for quite a while

Already since April 2017, our augmented reality solution transforms images within print products such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs and cards into vivid videos. All you need to do is download the app, install it and scan the specially tagged pictures. Immediately thereafter, the photo is replaced by a video or other content on the display of the smartphone or tablet.

The benefit: Advertisers and editors are offered special presentation options. Customers and potential customers receive cross-media support through AR during their customer journey. This leads to a higher purchase probability and helps to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

What looks like magic is based on sophisticated image recognition. The backend of consists of a CMS that manages all data that complements the printed motif and an editor the so-called “Composer” that is available as Software as a Service.
Using the Composer, you can drag and drop a PDF or an image file and create the targets, i.e. the images that can be scanned.
Subsequently you can enrich the subject with the desired AR content. The targets are managed in a database and checked for matches during the scan. In the event of a hit, a record will be sent to the app containing all the information required to present the online content, for example the video.