Successful launch of

The ProcSet Media Solutions GmbH team is pleased about the successful launch of its new app In its first six months on the market the solution has already won over notable publishers such as PreMedia Newsletter GmbH, Rhein-ZeitungVerlag für Anzeigenblätter and bz Wiener Bezirkszeitung GmbH. As its first customers, they using PAPER-plus to seamlessly link printed works to the Internet. The app also adds digital content and augmented reality elements to printed works.

The application is simple: Customers can make use of the functions of immediately after their account is activated. The back end is also available on the cloud as a SaaS solution with a content management system and editor, the composer. The reader first downloads the free app from the App Store or from Google Play. The reader then uses a smartphone or tablet to scan printed images containing the PAPER-plus logo and receives access to further content. These may include image galleries, videos or augmented reality elements.

The benefits: The user profits from an expanded supply of information. Publishers gain access to attractive upselling opportunities in the area of advertisements as well as diverse additional editorial options.