Wiener Bezirkszeitung uses in its new magazine ‘stadtnah’

‘Now even closer. From print to digital: Discover more with the app’

That is how the Viennese newspaper Wiener Bezirkszeitung is advertising the functions in its new magazine ‘stadtnah’.

In this spirit each page of this issue was enhanced with augmented reality content such as a fashion video directly from the catwalk, a tour through a newly opened establishment or various trendy image galleries.

‘We have developed a very attractive online magazine whose interplay of images, animation and effects make it a joy to read on all terminal devices. We have also added augmented reality functions to “stadtnah” in order to bridge the gap between the printed and digital content. A simple scan of the printed content using a smartphone camera brings the pages of the magazine to life and enhances them with digital information.’

– Maximilian Schulyok, Managing Director of bz Wiener Bezirkszeitung GmbH

Link to the official website of „stadtnah“:

Link to the official press release of bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung: