PreMedia Newsletter with

Managing Director Prof. Ing. Karl Malig has been excited about the solution since its first presentation at the WAN-IFRA-Expo in Vienna and immediately decided to implement the trendsetting technology in his PreMedia Newsletter.
The idea of bridging the gap between print and online media through augmented reality in order to thereby increase the multimedia scope convinced him from the very beginning. This practical solution enables publishers to offer an additional service to their advertisers that contributes to success across all media channels.
‘The impressive part is the short time it takes to implement The initial presentation for the PreMedia Newsletter was professionally prepared and convincing in practice. The decision to implement was made right on the spot in October 2016.
The realisation in the PreMedia Newsletter was completed at the start of December 2016 and the first ad designs were able to be published with AR functions containing the contact information of the advertisers as well as videos. The effort required to implement the solution in publishing is minimal.’
– Prof. Ing. Karl Malik (PreMedia Newsletter GmbH)